Chainsaw Massacre House: The Texas Home

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre films have become a cultural icon in the United States. Leatherface is a fantastic figure that is both awesome and terrifying. Many children in the 1970s suffered nightmares after seeing these films. The films are based on the killer Ed Gein, who murdered people in Wisconsin, but they are not entirely faithful to life. We have some details about the scary house that was featured in the film. Take a look at the home from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre below.

This home has two levels and is really scary. Due to the presence of private property markers in the vicinity, this place is now occupied by a family. The mansion is roughly an hour’s drive north and east of Austin, Texas’s downtown. I can’t image being part of a family who lives in a house where so many bad things happened in a fictitious way. It must be a dream come true to live here.

Over 6,000 square feet, the mansion contains at least 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. I like how open and airy this home appears to be. With all the numerous rooms the characters were in, it felt like the home went on forever and ever in the movie. The mansion is valued at around 1.7 million dollars, however it is not for sale.

Chainsaw Massacre House Specifications

Bathrooms: 5
Bedrooms: 6
Price: $1.7 Million
Square Feet: 6,000 sqft

House of the Chainsaw Massacre: 901 County Road 336, Granger, TX 76530, United States


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