Aruba has long been a popular vacation destination for those wanting to visit exciting places. After all, this hidden gem in the Caribbean is full of tourist delights and wonders. Aruba’s economy has been booming in recent years. The Aruba commercial real estate market has grown exponentially as more and more international companies call this interesting island nation home.

Growth in Aruba’s commercial real estate market

Aruba’s commercial real estate sector has experienced healthy growth in recent years. Many companies are seeking to build in areas with large industrial parks and business complexes like Rooi Koochi. Indeed, these areas are seeing at least double-digit growth in terms of the construction of new commercial buildings and sales. Many experts expect Aruba’s commercial real estate sectors to be one of the main drivers of economic growth and a key sector of the economy post-covid.

Where to find Aruba real estate for sale?

Many potential customers are scouring the Internet. Do they type in the long-tail phrase where to find Aruba’s real estate for sale. These people are finding out that areas like Oranjstad are great places to find both commercial and residential real estate.

What to look for when buying Aruba real estate for sale

Many people who are considering buying Aruba’s commercial real estate or residential properties are wondering what they should look for when ’going real estate shopping.’ They must look for the following when buying Aruba’s commercial real estate:

  • Proximity to an international airport.
  • Located within walking distance of all major cities in Aruba
  • Ease of travel to all areas of Aruba
  • Proximity to business complexes, shopping areas, and industrial parks 

Those who are eager to buy a primary or secondary  (vacation) home must look for the following when researching Aruba’s real estate for sale:

  • The geographic location of the proposed property.
  • The asking price of the property
  • The probability of the market value of the property appreciating with time 
  • Proximity to major cities and towns.

Buying real estate in Aruba is not rocket science You don’t need a Ph.D. if you are interested in Aruba’s commercial real estate market. The same is true if you are looking for great deals in terms of Aruba’s real estate for sale. You just need to be able to do basic research and ask a few question

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