Patrick Mahomes House: The Kansas City Delight


Patrick Mahomes is a quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs in the National Football League. He began his undergraduate career at Texas Tech, where he played baseball and football. Pat Mahomes, a baseball player, is his father. Patrick is presently residing in a pleasant neighbourhood in Kansas City, Missouri. Take a look at Patrick Mahomes House in the video below.

The residence is almost 4,000 square feet and contains three bedrooms and four bathrooms. A pool, terrace, exercise centre, and even a craft area are among the numerous features of the residence. The inside is also quite attractive and trendy. The kitchen is equipped with cutting-edge gadgets and much more. Patrick can relax in the cool stand-alone tub in the master bathroom. The house is fantastic, and it even offers fantastic views of the wooded region where he resides.

The house is in the Kansas Municipal, Missouri, city boundaries. Kansas City, Kansas is also right across the street. Yes, he’s right on the state border between the two states. Isn’t it fascinating to consider? Furthermore, the neighbourhood appears to be rather secure and is located near to downtown Kansas City. Finally, he can travel about rather easy to get to work from here.

Patrick Mahomes House Specifications

Bathrooms: 4
Bedrooms: 3
Price: $2.2 Million
Square Feet: 3,759 sqft
Patrick Mahomes Net Worth: $30 Million
Patrick Mahomes Address: 57th St, Kansas City, MO 64113


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