To whom should the declaration or authorization request be addressed?

To the prefect of each department crossed (prefect of police in Paris) if the event takes place in less than twenty departments. To the prefects of the department and the Minister of the Interior , if it takes place in at least twenty departments : Ministry of the Interior – Direction of modernization and territorial action Sub-direction of traffic and road safety Bureau road safety and regulations – Place Beauvau – 75800 PARIS Cedex 08. The declaration file must be sent to the competent authorities no later than 2 months before the date of the event and the authorization request no later than 3 months before. The insurance certificate must be presented to the competent authority no later than six clear days before the start of the event. Note that failure to meet this deadline results in the denial of authorization.

Criminal penalties are provided if you:

Organize a race of motor vehicles on roads open to public traffic without having obtained authorization;

Organize, without prior declaration or authorization, a concentration or demonstration of motorized vehicles;

Do not comply with the prescriptions appearing in the administrative authorization;

Take part in a concentration or demonstration that has not obtained authorization.

You are organizing a non-motorized 스포츠중계 event on public roads

If it is a sports competition with timing

You send, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, a request for approval to the sports federation concerned.

Note that the procedures and deadlines are specific to each federation. A prize giving of more than €3,000 (in kind or in cash) requires the authorization of the delegated federation.

You compile an application file for temporary occupation of public space and send a request for authorization to the competent authorities using the form Ceria 13391 03.

The request for authorization must mention the identity and contact details of the organizers, the type of event planned (running, cycling, roller skating, etc.), the place, the dates and times, the maximum number of participants, and an estimate. The expected number of spectators.

opening to the public.

You must check that the sports arena hosting the event

 Is either approved or complies with the standards in force. When the number of participants exceeds 1,500 people, you must make a declaration to the mayor at least two months in advance. If the event includes specific facilities and installations, or if it welcomes the public in places or premises not provided for this purpose or in unusual conditions, you must request authorization from the departmental advisory commission for safety and accessibility. Here too, a period of 2 months is required.

You organize a for-profit sporting event of more than 5,000 people at a site

Profit-making implies the search for profits (sale of tickets, television broadcasting rights).

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