Powerful Phrases About Karma

Karma is sometimes imagined as a kind of divine punishment, but in reality, karma is a spiritual concept that goes much further. It is about accepting the responsibility that as human beings we have in this world, with others, with nature and with ourselves. To understand it better, we have prepared some phrases that help us reflect and understand the meaning of Karma Quotes. We hope you like them.

Those who are free from resentment will find peace

A quote from the Buddha that has a lot to do with personal karma. Put aside resentments and you will feel full and at peace with yourself.

Karma is like gravity: it is so fundamental that we often forget about it

A great phrase from the Buddhist monk Sakyong Mipham that talks about karma as something that is always there, although sometimes we forget it. However, keeping it in mind will help us always attract better energies.

Karma is experience, experience creates memory, memory creates imagination and desire, and desire creates karma again.

This beautiful phrase by Deepak Chopra helps to understand the dynamics of karma and how from our actions we can attract positive energy.

History repeats itself until we learn the necessary lessons to change our path

This is why it is so important to learn from the situations we find in life, so as not to repeat patterns and live that story over and over again.

Karma said: you will love the one who loves you for not having loved the one who loved you

It is important not to miss the opportunities of life and to love those around us who bring us positivity and good karma.

You will only understand the pain you caused when the pain catches up with you

This is a very important karma lesson that we should all keep in mind. If you cause pain, at some point in this or another life you will receive the same or greater pain so that you can understand what it means and learn from it.

If you think negatively, you will continue to see your problems. If you think positively, you will begin to see solutions

What a great truth! The only way to get out of a difficult situation is to start thinking positive , at some point the Universe will present you with solutions.

The field of karma is simple; as you have planted, you will reap

How do you take care of your plants? If you don’t water them, they’ll dry up, right? And if you water them correctly, they will grow beautiful and strong. The same happens with karma, if you do not take it into account and do not try to live positively, you will eventually have to face the consequences of your actions, but if your actions are kind and meditated to do good, you will feel at peace with yourself.

Wish luck to those who act evil, because sooner or later they will need it

Having compassion for people who act evil is the best way to overcome their bad karma.

Always tell the truth, so you won’t have to remember what you said

He who lies spends his life having to justify his lies, so that his own karma can never be at peace.

Do not harm others with what hurts you

Do not pay your frustrations with other people , better forgive yourself and find your inner peace, it is the best way to find happiness.

Give; do not expect to receive anything in return. Give, and when you give willingly, you will begin to receive

Try to give with your heart without expecting anything, and you will see how full you feel in life.

Revenge is a waste of time; in the long run, everyone will have to face what they deserved

All people face their karma sooner or later, so it is no use wishing them harm or taking revenge. The best thing is to take care of our own karma that the Universe will take care of that of others.

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