In the previous section we discussed how a Tongkat Ali supplement can help promote testosterone synthesis through its Eurycomanone content. Now, as is well known, testosterone plays an important role in supporting muscle mass and promoting strength. That’s why, by stimulating testosterone synthesis, Tongkat Ali can help promote muscle strength and exercise performance.

A recent study found that when participants used a Tongkat Ali supplement in an 8-week resistance training program, the athletes’ maximal power output, lower extremity isokinetic power, and relative anaerobic power were promoted. The same resistance training program, but without Tongkat Ali supplementation, only helped promote lower extremity isokinetic power and relative anaerobic power in athletes.

Additionally, Tongkat Ali was also shown to help promote fat loss. This could indicate that taking a Tongkat Ali supplement in conjunction with a training program could help promote physical strength while also supporting fat loss.

Tongkat Ali Extract May Help Promote a Positive Mood

Tongkat Ali also has some very interesting effects on mood! It has been shown to be quite good at helping with stress management. It does this by regulating the main stress hormone, cortisol. In this regard, Tongkat Ali is quite similar to many adaptogens such as Ashwagandha, which also helps regulate cortisol.

A study of 32 men and 31 women found that  Tongkat Ali reviews supplementation could help promote lower levels of tension by 11%, lower levels of anger by 12%, and lower levels of confusion by 15%. The researchers found that these effects were likely caused by the Tongkat Ali supplement promoting lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and higher levels of testosterone.

Additionally, testosterone is also heavily involved in mood, and this is especially the case in men. Many individuals who supplement with Tongkat Ali indicate that they feel more confident in their daily lives. They also often report feeling more motivated to get the job done!

Tongkat Ali Extract May Help Promote Metabolic Function

Tongkat Ali also seems to share some effects with supplements like Berberine and Shiitake mushroom. In particular, Tongkat Ali is a great supplement to help promote metabolic function.

It has been shown in several studies to help maintain blood glucose levels that are already in a healthy range. Tongkat Ali achieves this effect through a unique mechanism, which is very different from berberine and shiitake. This mechanism is to help promote pancreatic islet function, which is very important in helping to maintain blood glucose levels that are already in a healthy range.

Tongkat Ali helps promote pancreatic islet function. This concept is a bit complex to analyze in this article, but in summary it can be said that the general effect of promoting pancreatic islet function is that our bodies become better equipped to distribute and manage glucose in the body.

To all this we must add that Tongkat Ali seems to be able to support the metabolism of fats. Combined with its blood glucose regulating effects, this can make Tongkat Ali an excellent choice for those looking for a supplement that can help support weight loss.

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