small living room

There are tricks to visually expand the space or make it deeper.

  1. So, for example, a light palette will fill the living room with light and make its borders blurry.
  2. Heavy curtains and draperies reduce free space, so it is better to use lightweight structures or functional blinds in small rooms.
  3. It is more appropriate to replace bulky, heavy cabinets with open shelving. You should not use many decorative elements in the interior of the living room. They should be abandoned for the sake of free space and a feeling of more spaciousness.

Tips and Conclusions

The living room is a space in which experiments with light are appropriate. Here you can use bright color accents and non-standard combinations.

Modern fashion trends are panoramic windows, surfaces that reflect light, large mirrors, wallpaper with a 3D effect.

Do not fill the living room with unnecessary items. It is better to choose furniture that combines several useful functions, such as tables with folding tops or convertible sofas. The laconic design of objects will help visually expand the space without losing functionality.

Accessories should not be too big, but they must be expressive. Skillfully placed photos on the walls, decorative pillows on the sofa, and an original wall panel will help make the design unique and the atmosphere cozy and warm.

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