How to Make Wooden Toys

How to have fun making wooden toys

In a large or small workshop of those who make toys themselves, you can find scraps of boards of various thicknesses or pieces of wooden rods too small to even build a stool. Here are some ideas on how to make DIY wooden toys using a few scraps and a little imagination. In this case, we ended up with a lot of mahogany scraps; it goes without saying that the use of such a valuable wood is not necessary, the contrast of colors can be obtained very well by staining walnut or mahogany, or anything, some very simple fir, for example, for the thickest part (40 mm) of a sandwich. What we offer is not an exhaustive guide, but only a hint on how to make interesting objects fun and effortless (but accuracy is always necessary).

Wooden toys – Hedgehog

The side of the squares here, as in the tortoise, must be increased to 40 mm while maintaining the thickness used by the reader, i.e. 40 mm for fir and 20 mm for mahogany. With such measurements, the length of the curl is 40 centimeters (10 squares). It is easy to make it smaller or larger, keeping the proportions between the side of the square and the thickness of the boards.

  1. After the contours of the parts are placed on the boards, first cut and drill the central one, which is transparent, and then the two side cheeks. Keep a little wider in relation to the outline.
  2. In the cheeks, the position of the holes for the axles of the wheels is marked, resting the central part against the cheek and crossing it with a point to the cut. The hole should be opened by resting the wood on a piece of scrap to avoid splitting at the exit.
  3. The cheeks are glued to the body by centering along the axes, which in this case serve only as guides.
  4. After removing the axles, the wheels are glued at one end; then, after installing the spacers, the axles are inserted into the curl again. At the other end, you need to install two more spacers and glue the wheels. After the glue has dried, the axles must be cut flush with the wheel.

Wooden toys – Turtle

The length of the turtle is also 40 cm. The holes for the axles of the wheels, both in the wooden toys in the body of the animal and in the spacers, should be slightly larger in diameter than the axle, but exact match the size of the glued wheels. A hole for the eyes, which should be protruding both on top and on the sides, must be made before following the contour of the body with the saw.

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