How to convert HEIC files to JPG on Mac

Today on isomer we are going to teach you how to convert HEIC files to JPG easily on your Mac using “Preview” . But what are HEIC files? Simple answer. The images we make with Apple devices, with is 11 or higher and with an A9 chip or higher.

That is, the images, if we have not changed it in the configuration of our I Phone or our I Pad , that we make from an I Phone 6s or a 9.7 -inch I Pad from 2017.

HEIC files may end up being imposed on the standardized JPG ones, taking into account the great advantages they have over the latter.

The problem is that it is a format that at the moment,

 Although it is developed by MPEG, is not widely implemented despite having great advantages over the standardized JPG, which will probably end up being imposed.

For example, HEIC files take up half the space with the same quality as JPG, can store multiple photos in a single file, can undo changes when saving photo edits, and can work in 16-bit .

What does HEIC stand for? It is the name that Apple has given to HEIF files, or what is the same, High Efficiency Image Format , the still image version of the HEVC video codec.

After the technical introduction, on is Mac we are going to teach you how to convert HEIC files to JPG so that you can view them with any device. And all this quickly and easily. Simply by using the program that is pre-installed on all Macs, Preview.

How to convert HEIC files to JPG with Preview

It is very easy to get a JPG file from a HEIC file with Preview. If we have the phone or iPod images on our computer, just double-click on them and Preview will open. If it doesn’t, we can right-click on the image and choose Open with Preview.

Once we have the image open, we will go to File Export and in the dialog box that opens make sure that the JPG option is heic to jpg to be able to view them on any device. And if what you want is to save space on your device by converting JPGs to HEIC , read the following tutorial .

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