What Does On-Site SEO Management Involve?

On-page or on-site SEO management involves optimizing web pages to appear at the top of search engines for a pre-determined set of keywords. Generally, on-page SEO is an ongoing process whereby a website will rollout ongoing content designed to target different keywords and search query types.

On-site SEO is sometimes lumped into the same category as ‘technical SEO’, which does not accurately depict the process. Generally, technical SEO issues are raised by an SEO professional and implemented with the help of a front-end or back-end web development specialist. Conversely, the process of on-page SEO is handled entirely by an SEO professional who will identify a strategy to target different informational and transactional search terms on a website.

Some of the tasks for on-site SEO management include:

• Keyword research

• Keyword grouping

• URL structure

• Image optimization

• Internal linking

• Optimize Meta elements

• Quality content

• Structured data

• Content readability

What Does Off-Site SEO Management Involve?

Off-page or off-site SEO refers to all of the elements that impact search engine rankings from the website. Around 40% of how a website ranks in search engines is influenced by off-page factors that effectively build authority and trust within search engines. Backlinks or link-building are at the heart of off-site SEO and play a significant role in building trust and improving website rankings for competitive search terms. Essentially, each time a website receives a link that link acts as a trust signal to search engines and implies that if the content is worth linking to, then it is worth showing in the top positions of search results.

Some of the off-site SEO management tasks include:

• Guest posting

• Backlinks building

• Brand mention link building

• NAP link building (important for local SEO)

• Anchor text diversity

Contrary to popular opinion, social media is not considered an element in off-site SEO management. While it is essential to maintain social media profiles that align with your website and your brand, this can be thought of as a separate, complementary task.

Do I Need Management SEO Services in Pakistan?

Search engine optimization is the most effective way to target motivated visitors to your website when they are searching for the goods or SEO Services in Pakistan that you offer. Unlike traditional marketing channels that ‘disrupt’ a customer, SEO is about putting your business in front of interested customers at the time of purchase.

SEO is a cost-effective way to build website traffic at scale and reduces the dependence on paid marketing channels such as SEM or social media marketing. For a business that relies on their online presence to build awareness, make sales, and attract enquiries, SEO management is an essential tool in a holistic digital marketing strategy.

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