How to Choose the Best Bed

The answer to which beds are better to buy determines how you feel throughout the day. Wrong furniture will cause pain in the back and lower back. On the wrong bed, you will not be able to relax and unwind. Before buying, you should understand the features of furniture for sleeping.

How to prepare for buying a bed?

To choose the best sleep bed, you should consider a few points before going to the store:

  1. Sleeping furniture is a long-term investment (for 10-15 years). Thus, it is better to purchase an expensive product with excellent quality.
  2. A bed is an investment in health. A person sleeps for at least a third of his life. The state of all systems in the body depends on sleep quality.
  3. Furniture should be commensurate with the size of the room. The bed cannot occupy most of the free space of the room.
  4. Body parameters are one of the essential criteria. The minimum length of the bed is the height of the owner +10 cm—the greater the body weight, the more complex the mattress and the stronger the base.

The bed should be in harmony with the design of the bedroom. If the room is tiny, buying a model with a storage system is better.

The main criteria for choosing the best bed

Beds are single, single, and double. It is impossible to answer the question of which bed is better unequivocally. Sleeping furniture is selected according to the user’s parameters. Be sure to pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Size and shape. The best option is to buy a large bed that will fit the bedroom without cluttering the aisles. The standard length is 190 cm; there are models of 200 cm. The optimal width is that the vacationer can throw his hands behind his head. In addition to the classic rectangular shape, the bed can be round or oval in the form of a heart.
  2. Frame. It can be of two types: 2 backs, supports, and 2 side starts. Or 4 drawers and 1-2 hinged backs. Legs or wheels can act as supports.
  3. Execution material. Solid wood is a prestigious and environmentally friendly raw material. Metal beds are durable and reliable; forged models will decorate the interior. Genuine leather is a high-quality material that allows the furniture to “breathe.” MDF is a durable raw material that is well processed, making it possible to create beds of various shapes.
  4. Base. The most popular is the construction of lamellas. Planks are made of solid wood or plastic. The main thing is that the lamellas can bend a little, providing a comfortable position for the person lying. Another option is rigid or metal grills. Sometimes there is a base from a single sheet.
  5. Lifting mechanism. There is a lot of space under the double bed, almost like in a closet. Such space can be used more rationally if you purchase a model with drawers or a lifting mechanism. The simplest is manual on hinges; you need to make an effort to lift the base. More modernized – spring mechanism. The service life is about 20 thousand “lift / lower” cycles. However, it is often necessary to replace the springs in the process. The most advanced is the gas lift. It will last for 70-90 cycles.
  6. Back. The panel at the headboard can be upholstered with textiles, decorated with artificial stones, another decor, or simply painted. In some models, a shelf is organized above the headboard.
  7. Style. It is better to choose platform beds or podium beds for high-tech or minimalism. For classic interiors, models with a leather headboard are relevant. Products with wicker back will fit into the eco-style, while in-country or Provence – with forged.

Understanding the bed should be, you should pay attention to the mattress. It is better to choose medium hardness or rigid.

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