Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Bass Strings

The Wrap Of Bass Strings

In simple terms, this describes the outer “wrap” layer of the rope: round, bumpy, flat or smooth. This wrap is likely to have the biggest impact on your overall sound.

Packing Your Gauge

String gauge is the measurement of string thickness in thousands of an inch. The thicker and heavier the string, the closer it will be to the frets; therefore, it will affect the overall action and playability of your bass.

Because heavier strings have more harmonics, tension is what keeps the tuning stable. Whereas lighter strings have a tighter sound and project more of a “bite.” Light gauges are also easier to bend and fret for playability. “Slappers” and “poppers” will generally use a lighter gauge bass string.

Material-Types Of Bass Strings

There are three main materials to choose from for bass strings, and each bass string type has its own variations and unique timbres.

Made of nickel-plated steel windings. They provide a balanced tone that works with all bass types and styles. Round windings are not as durable as flat windings, so for longer life, consider using our coated round bass strings.

Using a cobalt alloy provides a stronger magnetic relationship to the pickup. The result equals a wider output range for all EQ bands.

Stainless steel bass strings are more resistant to corrosion. If you’re playing slaps, they’re a great alternative to nickel wrap sets, as they have a naturally brighter tone. We use stainless steel for flat-wound bass strings because steel provides a long-lasting smooth feel and a perfectly rounded sound when flat.

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