Why opt for Herringbone Flooring for your Home?

Herringbone is the most beautiful wood flooring pattern that can effortlessly enhance the interiors of your home. Out of all the different patterns, oak herringbone flooring adds uniqueness to a room and lends an elegant appeal to any space instantly.

Herringbone is a popular style in which hardwood floorboards are arranged in a zigzag layout to create a design that looks like the bone structure of the Herringbone fish. To create a herringbone pattern, one may use solid or herringbone engineered flooring, and the effect will be gorgeous irrespective of which one you pick.

When deciding between solid and engineered hardwood, however, there are additional factors to consider apart from the type of floorboards. 

Let’s see the top reasons why you must consider herringbone flooring for your home. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

To Create Drama

A herringbone wood flooring installation is done in a zigzag arrangement that lends drama and movement to the space. This intricate pattern will infuse your room with vibrancy and life. It will also make the room appear spacious and bigger. Your attention will automatically be pulled to the broadest area of the pattern, which will lead you on the way you need to walk. It can easily offer a palatial feel and can be used in halls, living rooms and bedrooms.

For Durability & Longevity

Herringbone flooring is the best pattern for wood flooring installation as it is timeless. Wooden flooring looks classic in appearance and it is highly durable. Paying a little more for high-quality wood flooring is worthwhile as it adds to your property’s resale value and makes a style statement as well. When you add in the herringbone pattern, it provides structural strength and durability, increasing the life of your flooring.

Personalised Appearance

The herringbone is a stylish pattern that can provide your interiors with a unique look, especially when you combine exotic colours, textures and finishes. An unfinished parquet flooring, for example, may produce an exquisite and stable look that can quickly transform the look of your area into a more personalised design. Using a herringbone pattern will make it stand out from conventional layouts, regardless of the wood species, finish, or board size.

European Design

There is no denying that Europe is recognised for being fashionable in many aspects of life, including home interiors. Herringbone is quite popular in Europe, particularly in France, so if you want to add a touch of Parisian refinement to your house, this floor plan is ideal for you.

If you are looking for solid or engineered wood flooring in any style, colour or finish, including herringbone then head straight to the website of Floorsave. They offer a wide range of flooring materials to select as per your needs and home décor. Apart from wood flooring options, an extensive range of vinyl and laminate floorboards are also available. To help you seamlessly complete your renovation work, they stock floor accessories as well.

Enhances the appearance

Herringbone is the most beautiful pattern for wood flooring installation and this is the reason why its gaining popularity among homeowners. It adds originality to a room while still having an aesthetic appeal.

Oak herringbone flooring blends the natural wood look with added visual appeal. This makes herringbone one of the most popular wood flooring installation techniques. This may help create a dramatic ambience in a space without having to go overboard with other decor aspects. A beautiful floor is a must-have in any house, and the herringbone pattern is a fantastic way to make it stand out.

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