When Does Disney Decorate for Christmas

A Real Fairy Tale: Disneyland is decorated for Christmas

Disney has always been associated with childhood, good fairy tales, and real magic. And this year, California Disneyland has slightly lifted the veil of mystery – how an entire park is transformed for Christmas in just one night. You can’t call it anything other than magic.

Many workers replace the usual exterior decoration of the famous Sleeping Beauty Castle with countless twinkling lights and sparkling icicles. And everything must be done before dawn.

In addition to the extraordinary fairy-tale decor, many surprises are being prepared in Disney parks worldwide for those who will receive a ticket to Disneyland for Christmas from Santa. From November 10 to January 7, you can meet Santa Claus himself and take part in games, contests, and holiday parades with his elves and favorite cartoon characters, look at a giant Christmas tree, and incredible illuminations.

In addition, Disneyland Resort has special holiday promotions that include discounted accommodation, free 4-day park passes, gifts for kids on Christmas Day, and more.


Holiday Parade at Disneyland Paris:

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