Definition of a technical plan In the first part of the sales process management plan, the technical aspects of the production process are identified and developed. In making the event, I take into account everything related to requirements, deadlines, skills, sales, reporting and updates (as a result of reviewing and analyzing previous games), technical requirements based solely on regulations and PPT or other changes. The product adds value to the cycle and ultimately separates us from our competitors, in which case other industry groups, like us, need support (of any kind).

It is necessary to build this plan

First, you need to tick other parts of your marketing plan. Without this initial plan, we do not know whether we will follow the rules or not, we are not innovating or looking for improvements or new locations, we can not make an initial plan (which is a plan) for customers – related to market share. economics, such as business planning 무료스포츠중계).

Although it is shown in advance that the outcome is a big factor, if we do not set this framework first, it will be difficult to continue the project.

Continuing the first example,

 Corporate coordination and budgeting have an impact as we will not be able to create advertising support, production, credible business opportunities, Led media sites … If we do not allow business development, we should be there to arrest sponsors.

This plan is finalized after development (but not closed to possible changes) and other strategic plans that include a detailed description of the entire house, renovations carried out, number of plots, information support, equipment … In short. , there is no place to improve all aspects of production.

Definition of business plan and budget From the first part we are in place (although our work is the same now) to develop and develop a business plan and budget for the competition. .

To do this, make a plan to support your ads

in addition to the defined sales and support, the capacity definition of each type will have supporters in the online plan (hence close contact with the online plan) as well as the ability to find them in memory, in boxes. , as well as creating data that allows sponsors to enter which companies we want to use. It is important to make this statement before the end of the year, as most companies close their accounts the following year and the 15th.

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