What Time Does Lowe’s Home Improvement Close

According to Ben Andrea, Leland Planning Director, the town is examining new construction site plans to relocate the home improvement shop to U.S. 17 and Ploof Rd SE. The initial designs were for a 113,860 square-foot supermarket with a horticultural centre of 27,720 square feet.

Many Leland homeowners have been asking for a home improvement business to minimise their need to go into Wilmington.

Diane Heffernan & her husband are building a house and relocating to Leland after more than 30 years in Wilmington. Heffernan expressed delight that a Lowe’s will remain in her neighbourhood.

“With the expansion of development, we are delighted that companies that we enjoy will be close,” she remarked.

While the possibility of Lowe’s coming to Leland is thrilling, Mayor Brenda Bozeman says it will be critical to reducing the retailer’s impact on traffic with roadway improvements.

“If done right, this would be a wonderful benefit to our neighbourhood, and we are thrilled to see this development in the Town,” said Bozeman.

Elaine Warren, a Leland resident, said she’s glad Lowe’s is “finally” arriving, even though it’s a chain shop.

“Some may gripe about large box stores, but when it comes to deciding when and why to travel to Wilmington for things not available in Leland, the rewards outweigh the drawbacks,” Warren said. “Another positive is the money and employment creation.”

Andrea noted that when the store’s designs are examined, the municipality will issue preliminary zoning permission, and Lowe’s will apply for building permits.

“It’s basically up to them when they want to apply for construction permits and start construction following permission issuing,” he added.

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