studio apartment cloakroom suitestudio apartment cloakroom suite

Nothing compares to relaxing in a large bathroom while taking. However, as many people live in studio apartments, the bathrooms tend to be small. That have more focus on making them functional as much as possible. Experts recommend cloakroom suites for such spaces. Because these will make your small bathroom functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. But how can these bathroom suites make your apartment bathroom a better space? Why do you need to look out for such suites while you can get the fixtures individually? 

In this article, we are going to discuss various cloakroom suites for your apartment bathroom. 

Are Cloakroom Suites Any Good for Apartment Bathroom?

When it comes to an apartment bathroom, you have limited options. You cannot fit standard fitting and fixtures for lack of space. However, that does not mean you should compromise on functionality and style. The major problem you face while dealing with a small space is finding the fittings and fixtures that can be suitable for a small space while helping to create the type of looks you want. 

Finding bathroom fittings that match one another in terms of size, style and colours can be sometimes difficult. In addition to that, finalizing the styles from various available options can often be confusing. It may require a lot of time and hassle. It’s where a cloakroom suite comes into play. Since it a combination of matching fittings and fixtures, you can easily choose from various available options, getting everything you need in a single package. It will help make your apartment bathroom look like a designer one. 

Apartment Bathroom Cloakroom Suite Ideas. 

The apartment bathroom usually has a small space. Therefore, you can not think of fitting a bath or a shower enclosure in it. The essential fittings will be a toilet and sink. That’s what most cloakrooms suites include. 

  • Close Coupled Toilet and Wall Hung Vanity Sink Unit

If you want a close coupled toilet despite a small space, then you can combine it with a wall-hung vanity sink unit that offers a lot of space-saving. The package can be a great option for a small bathroom as it offers perfect space efficiency with a floating-style vanity. The empty space underneath makes your bathroom looks spacious. The toilet included in this package is a rimless and dual flush mechanism which are modern features. It is the perfect suite for creating a modern bathroom look. 

  • Back to Wall Toilet and Wall Hung Vanity Sink Unit. 

Another option for your apartment bathroom can be a combination of a back to wall toilet with a WC unit, and a wall hung vanity sink unit. It is also a great option if you want to uplift your bathroom theme according to modern trends. While a btw toilet pan with WC is great for creating a tidier look, a wall hung vanity unit can offer both space saving and aesthetics. With a combination of both vanity storage and a sink on top with floating style, you have a perfect, highly functional fixture making your bathroom have the look and functionality you desire. 

  • Floor Standing Vanity Sink Unit and Close Coupled Toilet. 

The small bathroom suite with a floor standing vanity and a close coupled toilet can be a great option for someone looking for a bit of classic style within a modern setting. Both fixtures in this cloakroom package sit directly on the floor. Because the vanity unit is a bit bigger compared to other styles, it offers more storage capacity. With such a beautiful bathroom set, your apartment bathroom will look luxurious and highly pleasing to the eyes.

  • Wall Hung Toilet and Wall Hung Vanity Unit. 

Your most space saving option for a cloakroom suite is with both of the fixtures being in a wall hung style. It can be incredibly helpful, full of very small bathrooms. With a wall hung floating style toilet, you have all the fittings on the wall with a cistern concealed inside the wall. On the other hand, the wall hung vanity unit with a sink is a combo unit that combines both storage and sinks into one fixture. Fitting this type of bathroom suite means the complete floor space will remain empty, offering you a spacious-looking bathroom despite having congested space. 

Final Thoughts

Apartment bathrooms are often small that lack space. Therefore, you will need to be clever in the use of space. Cloakroom suites can be perfect for all such bathrooms. Available in various combinations based on the vanity unit and toilet styles, these can be a perfect choice for modern bathroom looks. You can choose any of the options discussed in the last sections. It will ensure you get the right fit for your small bathroom. 

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