Bathroom Renovation: Valuable Tips You Need to Know

bathroom renovation

Do you want to update your bathroom but don’t know where to start? Don’t panic, and we will help you! The secret is not to underestimate any element.

If you decide to update your bathroom, you need to carefully consider all the components that make it up to find successful solutions. There are many elements to consider – tiles, furniture, accessories, etc., not to mention the central question: bath or shower? And finally: how much does a bathroom renovation cost? Let’s try to dispel all doubts.

To make sure you’ve made the right decision and that your bathroom renovation will be successful and economical, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance.

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Bathroom renovation, various elements

As an element that can be given originality, Wall tiles occupy an essential place in the bathroom interior design.

In addition, it is necessary to consider the available budget since the price can vary significantly between one type and another, as well as the installation cost.

First of all, it should be clear from the very beginning what style I want to go with: modern or antique, and more importantly, whether I will build a brick masonry bathroom or use a traditional one.

Wall tiles are very important because plumbing, lighting, and the color of curtains and towels depend on them. The most used material is ceramic, resistant, and available in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Still, other materials and other solutions on the market need to be evaluated.

Next, we need to decide what to install: a shower or a bath. To conclude, you need to carefully analyze your habits. If, for example, you can never turn down a relaxing evening bath after work, then a shower is not for you. On the other hand, if your life is hectic and you have very few moments for relaxation, then a shower will be preferable. This decision is up to you! If you decide to install a shower, you must select its type. There are many different types of showers on the market.

Many points need to be cleared up to have the most comfortable shower for the use you will be making. First of all, the availability of space will help you understand whether you can install a double shower or will be forced to choose a single one. Then you will need to evaluate which type of opening, glass, and fittings to choose.

If desired, amenities such as hydromassage, sound, etc., can be added to the shower.

As for the bath, it is obvious that it will take up more space in the room and consume more water, increasing costs.

With this in mind, we can move on to choosing a bathtub, which the available space will invariably determine. Compared to a shower, you will have an advantage in comfort and relaxation, given the position you take while bathing.

There are different types and models, but the main distinction is between the classic built-in bathtub, which we find in many classic masonry bathrooms, and the clawfoot bathtub, which has recently come back into fashion.

If your bathroom has this option, you can also choose a bathtub-shower combination model that combines both possibilities. If you can’t make up your mind, seek advice from a bathroom remodeling company who, after an inspection, will be able to offer you the best solution for your home.

Another element to consider when renovating a bathroom is faucets and fittings. There is a wide choice of patterns; choosing more classic patterns will save money more thoroughly, and vice versa; with a less limited budget, it will be possible to install more specific models that will give originality to the room.

When it comes to plumbing, choosing wall-mounted rather than floor-mounted hardware will give the impression that the room is more extensive, as the surface area is more accessible.

Bathroom renovation with space in mind

To renovate a bathroom, large or small, it is important to develop a design, and it is necessary to organize every detail well before starting work. The first question to ask is: how much space do I have?

  • Up to 3m2, you have to create an indispensable bathroom. It must be functional for quick daily use. Arrange the elements against the walls to free up a central space, perhaps install a corner bath. Password: optimize space.
  • From 4 sq.m to 8 sq.m, You can create a bathroom for the whole family, choosing between a shower cabin and a bathtub according to your needs, or maybe even put both. You will have the opportunity to personalize and give originality to the arrangement of elements.
  • From 8 sq. m, you can create a kind of relaxation room, where you can relax after a long day of work and add many amenities without resorting to space optimization. You can arrange the elements in the center of the room and have more freedom in choosing where to place the furniture. You will have the opportunity to create a fully functional environment for your well-being, equipped with a jacuzzi, possibly including, if the budget allows, a sauna built and designed for the whole family.

At this point, the question arises: who will use the bathroom?

  • If this is the only bathroom for a family of four, install both a bathtub and a shower, and perhaps put a wall between them so that two people can shower at the same time and maintain privacy.
  • If it is a second bathroom mainly for children, the tiles on the walls will be highly waterproof, colorful, and fun. In this case, the choice will also be made in terms of safety, for example, taps with the ability to block the temperature to avoid burns or hot and cold water regulators mounted on top. Obviously, with the help of accessories, you can have fun in the bathroom!
  • If the bathroom is intended to be used by a working couple, it should allow quick daily use. This will be necessary, and you will need to optimize the space.

Two Important Choices: Ventilation and Painting

A fundamental but often overlooked factor is ventilation. This plays an important role in the comfort of your bathroom. It allows you to remove water vapor present in the atmosphere after a hot shower or bath. This prevents the formation of condensation and mold. It also brings new and healthy air into the room, which is very important.

It’s important to ensure that you have a big enough window for the size of your bathroom. I’d also suggest buying one that doesn’t have restrictions on how wide it can be opened as this will allow you to clear the water vapor quickly to avoid the bathroom steaming up too much and setting off the smoke alarm. If you are on a budget, then consider buying supply only windows for DIY installation to keep the cost down.

If natural ventilation is not sufficient, then continuous mechanical ventilation can be provided, intermittent or automatic, i.e., switched on depending on the level of humidity in the room. An automatic ventilation system is indispensable for a deaf bathroom, i.e., not equipped with windows.

Have you already thought about how to paint the walls? When you decide to renovate your bathroom, this is an important decision, and you should think it over carefully.

The recommended shades for the bathroom are light, but if you like brighter colors, go bolder; but it’s good if the room is not very small; otherwise, dark colors will make the space seem even more minor.

Try to choose a color shade depending on the lighting of the room. If there is not much light, choosing white or very light colors is almost mandatory to create more brightness.

The type of paint recommended for bathroom renovations is a water-based paint. It is water-based, breathable, and suitable for moisture and mold control. These characteristics make it ideal for the bathroom. There are many different colors on the market, and the price is quite affordable.

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

For a complete bathroom renovation, we cannot say precisely what the costs will be; it depends on several factors, such as the work to be done, the quality of the materials, and the size of the bathroom. For example, we start with a base amount of 1750 €; then we will increase the cost if the budget is higher and the needs are higher.

It is always recommended to get some free quotes to compare several offers and choose the best one in such cases. Since companies compete with each other, you can save money for sure! 

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