Real Madrid is one of the best football teams of the century.

Real Madrid is a professional football club based in Madrid, Spain. He was the most successful team in Spain and the most successful team in the 20th century, winning 31 in the Lilliana’s, 17 in the Copa Del Rely, nine in the Lilliana’s and two in the European Cup. Founded in 1902, Real Madrid was one of the pioneers of Spanish football and has thrived throughout history. After the Spanish Civil War in the 1940s, the team rebuilt the Santiago Barnaba and Ciudad Deport Ivo stadiums. In the 1950s, the team was considered the mainstay of Spanish and European epl중계. In the 1980s, the team became one of the best teams in Spain and Europe, winning two UEFA Cups, five consecutive Spanish tournaments, Copán Del Rey and three Spanish Super Cups. The team played at home in a beautiful white jersey. There are two outfits in this group, blue and black. He has played for Real Madrid at 80,354 Central Madrid-Santiago Barnaba since 1980.

Old Triad Football Club Manchester United is an English club based in Manchester. Manchester United is the largest football team in England with over 76,000 leagues and most leagues. Manchester United Football Club is probably the most famous city in Manchester. Manchester United have a great legacy and many of their fans have deep feelings for the team. Manchester is famous for its sporting heritage. The Manchester United football team has the experience of playing cricket around the world ahead of Old Triodes University. You can also visit the Sanford Reds, one of the best rugby clubs.

American football

The club has been one of the richest clubs in the world since the late nineties and has recently become the most profitable football club in the world. To continue, English football turned into an exciting night game from a commercial point of view. The power and fitness of television makes football one of the most profitable football clubs in the world. The team is one of the most successful teams in England and has won 15 Premier League / FA matches in football, 11 trophies and 2 Europa League / UEFA League matches.


At England’s request, Chelsea became the first English team to win the Europa League semi -final after losing to Real Madrid in the semi -final last year. The group’s plane crashed in Munich, Germany, after returning from the Europa League next season. The plane crashed into an empty house on the runway and hit a wall. Despite making a mistake, Bolton lost to Wanderers and returned to the FA Cup final. Manchester United have won several awards in their history of pride and success. He also won at home in the first division, premier league, former division 2, FA Cup and world championships. .. City. With the departure of Matt Busby in 1969, United won their fifth league title and two FA Cups, making them the first English team to win the 1968 Europa League.


When Manchester United arrived in Thailand in 1997, thousands of united supporters gathered at Bangkok’s National Stadium to see their true heroes. Fans of the Asian club watch the team on national television, which broadcasts the English Premier League daily.

67,500 spectators gathered at Old Trafford to watch Manchester United football. As mentioned above, it has the largest fan base in Asia. This will allow Manchester United to create an online football community that will keep the team updated on the day before and after the match. Currently, United cannot maintain their position without fans around the world.

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