Paint is flying, old man haymakers, shovels, and a bad truck all involved in a Florida Home Depot brawl.

I just wanted to say thank you to Florida.

Some things have been consistent over these eras, most notably Florida news. It’s been there for us all these years, never skipping a beat in keeping us engaged and amazed.

Thank you very much, Florida. And, of course, we thank Florida Man, who is always insane.

Now for this diamond. A nice old-fashioned donnybrook from a Tampa, FL Home Depot.
This is jam-packed with action, and it’s only getting better as the elderly men swing for the fences, swing shovels, fling paint – you name it. Also, terrible truck…

Apply the tape.

“The men all knew each other and collaborated.” “They declined to seek charges,” a representative for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office told The New York Post.

Work-related stress is all.

Florida and Home Depot appear to be a perfect marriage. Four years ago, a monkey got free at a West Palm Beach business and attacked an employee. It’s not a huge deal. Home depot health check home depot garden center

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