Nikon Z6II Body with Z 24-120mm f4 S Lens

Create images you want to see in the world

Follow your ideas. Follow your intuition. Whatever your next project requires, the versatile Nikon Z6II with Z 24-120mm f4 S Lens -frame mirrorless camera gives you tremendous shooting possibilities, so you can create faster and smoother for a sharper image. Whether you express yourself best with photos or videos, combine possibilities with excellence.

Whether you are a film photographer, a cinematographer, or an artist combining various techniques. Both when you work in a team and alone. When you want to show fast action or give away captivating peace. When you shoot cinema-quality 4K movies or spontaneous interviews. If you create using light, this camera will help you achieve whatever you want.

Ready for the night session

The camera sensor takes full advantage of the large amount of light admitted by the large diameter mount, allowing you to create freely whatever the lighting conditions. Throughout the ultra-wide ISO range, you’ll get great image quality, whether you’re capturing full-frame photos or recording videos. The low brightness AF function now works down to –Nikon Z6II Body with Z 24-120mm f4 S Lens (or brighter) lens – you’ll find sharpness even in the moonlight in the quadrant.

Much faster

The ultra-wide hybrid AF system enables perfect focusing. You can shoot in full resolution with full autofocus and automatic exposure at up to 14 fps. When speed matters and speed is always important, you’ll capture moments that others might miss.

Twice the computing power

For whatever you want to use light, do it faster and smoother. Two EXPEED processors deliver twice the processing power for fast performance of all functions, from autofocus to high-capacity buffer support. The camera works smoothly, both during filming and shooting.

More speed – for a longer time

Thanks to the faster high-capacity buffer, you can take up to 200 photos in JPEG format or Nikon Z6II with Z 24-120 photosin 12-bit RAW uncompressed in one burst. The high refresh rate means you won’t miss a second, while the two EXPEED processors ensure blazing-fast write speeds.

Two memory card slots ensure smooth operation

With two memory card slots, you can adapt to any mode of work organization. You can save photos and videos separately, or files in RAW and JPEG formats. The second tab can also be used to save a file backup immediately. Depending on the configuration, the second slot can be used in case of a first card overflow or for backup purposes. You can use UHS-II SD cards in one slot and XQD cards or the latest ultrafast CFexpress cards in the other.

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