How To Identify A Fake Cannabis Cartridge?

Given the recent alarm over the multiple cases of the strange disease related to the consumption of vaporizers, the Leafy site published a guide to identify fake cartridges. They also warn that although products from certified stores are safer, they are not completely risk-free.

Check the package:

The executive director of the Association of the Cannabis Industry, Lindsay Robinson points out that: “It is important to recognize that no cannabis product purchased from a licensed business has been linked to this disease.”

Look for the labels on the product package. For example, in California labels must show:

  • The date of manufacture
  • The packing date
  • Lot number
  • Batch number

Beware of fake copies!

One tactic to mislead consumers is to create packaging similar to that of popular brands. It is best, when purchasing a branded product, to check the company’s official website. Likewise, various companies have added a QR or verification code with which the origin of the Buy Rove Carts Online can be verified. This is a traceability element.

Check the ingredients

Actually, the habit of reading the content of what we consume should be applied to several products. And of course, be suspicious of those who don’t even display their content.

Let us remember that several health authorities in the United States (such as the state of New York) have found an illegal additive of Vitamin E acetate, also known as tocopheryl acetate, to be the main culprit.

Even so, there are legal thinners that are not exempt from health damage and that are not even required to be tested for safety. Samantha Miller, founder of the analysis laboratories Pure Analytics warns particularly against CBD products, since this is crystalline it must necessarily be suspended in something to be ‘vapeable’.

Get the accounts

If a product indicates that it contains 60% THC, the remaining 40% must be some type of diluents. One should also be skeptical of exceptionally high figures such as 99.9% purity.

Finally, we invite the Psychoactive Community to carry out responsible and informed consumption, and in case of detecting any health problem, go to a trusted health professional.

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