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Described as a sweet fruity floral perfume, Parfums De Marly is an excellent blend of notes. Created by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, the fragrance was released in 2013.

Oil Perfumery

Those in the know have probably already heard of Delina perfume oil, but if you aren’t, it is a floral sexylicious fragrance created by Parfums de Marly. It is a well-balanced formula that adorns your skin with the scents of peony, lily of the valley, and grapefruit. The ingredients are blended with a hefty helping of musk, cashmeran, and white musk. The oil isn’t greasy, but its formula is malleable enough to adapt to your skin’s needs.

The Delina perfume oil is a worthy addition to your wardrobe, albeit a small one. Designed for the modern woman, it isn’t hard to see why it’s one of the most popular body care products around. As mentioned earlier floral sexylicious fragrance is the show’s star, but its light, non-greasy formula modulates its original notes according to your skin’s needs. It also has one of the most extended shelf lives of any perfume in its class, which isn’t surprising considering its high-quality ingredients.

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Pink Rose by Montagne Parfums

Among the many fragrance offerings from the French, Pink Rose has a certain elegance and sophistication to its ft. While the bottle is a tad on the expensive side, you won’t regret snatching a bottle. The price tag will surely be well worth the bauble. Besides, if the sex, as mentioned earlier, tests are to be had, Pink Rose will get a lot of apologies. Similarly, the scent is an enthusiast’s best-kept secret. If you are a female peeking for a sexy fragrance to complement your sex etiquette, Pink Rose is your ticket to the good life. As for the unlucky spouse, this scent will not snarf your affections. Those mentioned earlier aforementioned is not for the faint of heart, nevertheless. If you are a male in a hurry, you have to look for the right woman.

Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl

Designed by Louise Turner and Quentin Bisch, Very Good Girl is a new interpretation of Carolina Herrera’s popular fragrance. It is a light and feminine perfume with a fruity base. It is suitable for both day and night wear.

The perfume has a red lacquered interior, a signature house colour. It is also a symbol of passion and sophistication. Its packaging is unique and has won numerous design awards. It is available in a 50ml Eau de Parfum bottle and an 80ml bottle.

The fragrance’s base notes include vanilla, cashmere, musk, and vetiver. It is a rich, feminine scent that is perfect for day and evening wear.

Very Good Girl has been a top ten best seller since its release in 2016. The fragrance has also won several design awards. The bottle is unique and features a red pump-shaped high heel.

Delina is a floral fragrance that is made with a variety of exotic and fruity notes. It is designed to suit any age. It contains vanilla, rose, and musk.

This perfume has a strong sillage and lasts on the skin for many hours. The fragrance is best worn in the winter and autumn months. However, it is suitable for any time of the year.

Unlike many fruity floral perfumes, Delina is quite tart. It also has a very soft base. It is perfect for evening wear and women of all ages.

Very Good Girl is a perfume designed to capture the modern woman. It contains notes of red currant, lychee, and Turkish rose. It is a soft and sweet fragrance ideal for day and night wear.

Delina is an expensive fragrance. It is also challenging to find. There are a few similar fragrances that are similar. It may take some preparation and error to find the perfect dupe.

Other similar perfumes include Alghabra Parfums Bosphorus Pearl, Pink Rose by Montagne Parfums, and Julianna’s Perfume Inner Beauty. However, if you want a scent identical to Delina but much cheaper, you should check out Alexandria’s Lady Diana.

Quentin Bisch

Despite his lack of a chemistry degree, Quentin Bisch joined the Givaudan perfumery school. He made his fine fragrance debut in 2010 with Reminiscence Essence EDP. Now, he is a renowned perfumer. He has created perfumes for several top luxury brands, including Chloe, Ex Nihilo and Mugler.

Delina is a floral fragrance designed by Quentin Bisch. The beauty and femininity of the rose inspire it. The bouquet features Turkish rose, lychee, bergamot and rhubarb. It is also enhanced by nutmeg and cumin.

The fragrance lasts on the skin for at least five hours. It is a complex composition that is comprised of three layers. The top note is the first impression, while the middle note engulfs the fragrance and the base note is the scent that lingers on the skin.

Delina is a floral fragrance inspired by a Turkish rose’s beauty and femininity. It also features bergamot, lychee, rhubarb and lily of the valley. The scent is complemented by vanilla and white musk. The vanilla underlines the sensuality of the composition.

Quentin Bisch worked with fragrance consultant Sophie Bille Brahe during the creation process. Together, they developed the fragrance’s formula. They also discussed various variations with Victorinox.

The fragrance begins with a fruity, pink-tinged opening. The fruity notes of lychee, rhubarb, and bergamot are enhanced by nutmeg. The fragrance then settles into a rosy, powdery, and comfortable blend of floral and fruity notes.

The fragrance’s base notes include cashmere, vanilla, and white musk. Vanilla underlines the sensuality of the composition, while cashmeran and white musks add an elegant, woody aura. The fragrance is available in 75 ml Eau de Parfum. It can be purchased at Selfridges in the UK.

The fragrance is available in the following versions: Delina Eau de Parfum, Delina La Rosee Eau de Parfum, and Delina Exclusif. It is not available as a body cream. Those who love rosy, powdery scents should consider purchasing the fragrance.

Among his numerous fragrances, Quentin Bisch has created the perfume Angel Muse for Mugler. He has also collaborated with Ex Nihilo and Etat Libre d’Orange.

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