Its coordination and organization is based on the provision of sports equipment to meet these needs, as well as physical and mental health, health, active use of free time. As Campos (2000) points out, in terms of related benefits, he examines their management from the perspective of overseeing their processes or organization rather than the organization of business advertisements. In this case, it should be remembered that the issue of games and leisure should be considered, rather than the issues or areas of processes on which administrative tasks are based, and by considering the number of sub-processes. Broad.

To better understand what has been said so far,

 We try to explain it in a simple way. Therefore, it is the community’s implementation of the leaders who manage and maintain the place, which is referred to as a service system, as it is intended to be taken. Have physical activity and sport. From people. Services are authorized and should be developed to provide and coordinate asset management (systems and facilities) and epl중계 sports and entertainment. However, as noted by Campos (2000), it should be remembered that its importance must be clearly defined and consistent with the model of care. ; It refers to the existence of two characteristics, called method and application or process.

In this case, the specificity of the service is about “what’s up?”

, but the useful meaning refers to “how to get the service?”; to understand that the first thing happens to the specific product, or what happens at the end of the service production process, but the last one focuses on the development of the process, how to deliver the service. Customer service (Campos Eng., 2000, p. .2). similarly, Campos (2000) argues, based on the Christian Greenrooms model, the following steps can be seen in professional terms: basic services, consulting and support (products), integration of relevant assets, the steps now:

Access to service, including customer experience.

In light of the above, it is important to clarify the meaning of “sports and leisure for society”. Since this would be the basis of the application for this management model, according to Stooping (2000, p. 175), it can be considered as: a combination of physical activity, sport and organized recreation and development by political organizations. That situation. You can do it secretly or on contract in public and private buildings.

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