The typical mudroom is just a kind of storage where you plan to keep your shoes, jackets, and other garments that are drenched in mud, rain, or dirt. You surely have to include one in your custom home as well. But does it have to be so typical? Do you know that mudroom design ideas can make your custom home truly customised?  Are you wondering how to get started with mudroom design in your custom home? 

Discussing with Vancouver custom home builder may reveal better solutions. That way, you can come across ideas to keep this area of your house more organised and add more functionality to it than just being addressed as a transitional area.

So, find out your favourite catch when upscaling the mudroom during custom home building for a better outcome:

  1. Pick the right location 

The mudroom needs to be placed at the entrance of your house. Naturally, it is going to be one of the high-traffic areas, especially during the rainy season or winter when you might enter your house with wet shoes and clothes with mud on them. But you need not have to choose the front door location for constructing the mudroom. 

Find out where you spend the majority of your time during the winter and let it be the location. For instance, you might prefer entering your house through the backyard or the garage more often. So, you need to construct the mudroom accordingly. The location needs to be where it suits your family’s requirements the most. Several luxury custom homes in Vancouver have their mudrooms constructed based on their convenience.

  1. Striking a balance with the entrance design

Mudrooms are undoubtedly hardy and need to be additionally functional. But that in no way means that you cannot add aesthetic elements to this area. Why don’t you have a block of wood pasted on the wall with hooks attached to hang those wet clothes on entering the mudroom? Here, the wooden block is the aesthetic element and the hooks are functional. So, you create a striking balance between aesthetic and functional purposes when designing the mudroom. If you are looking forward to more trending ideas to create a balance between cool and comfortable approaches and traditional designs, Roadhouse Homes are one of the best home builders in Vancouver to recommend the best design concepts for your mudroom. They are into custom house building in Vancouver for a long and relate to your needs most appropriately. 

  1. No storage space is adequate 

There is no denying that no storage space is adequate for the mudroom. No matter how high-end your mudroom design is, be sure to make it more spacious. From shoes, coats, and rainwear, you have so many things to store in the mudroom if you consider the needs of the entire family. Try to keep your family’s requirements and tastes as a priority when considering various mudroom designs. Be sure there are extra cabinets, shelves, and hooks to store your winter wear with ease. That way, you can make it cleaner and more organised. When you build a custom home in Vancouver, remember to include maximum storage space.

  1. Pay heed to seating arrangements

Does your mudroom have a seating arrangement? Do you know that every mudroom needs to have a proper seating area? The reason is that family members need to frequently enter and leave home through the mudroom and need a bench to sit on when taking off or wearing winter boots. 

  1. Create an island in the mudroom

Do you think islands are a devoted aspect for kitchens only? No, they aren’t. You can pretty much create an island in the mudroom and spend time with your loved ones and build the cabinets or closets surrounding the island. If the mudroom entrance is in the backyard, you can also construct it adjacent to the kitchen. Just like the kitchen island function as additional storage, the mudroom island can also be used for storing your things, especially those that you do not want to display.

  1. Flooring 

The flooring you choose for the mudroom needs to be tough and durable to endure, dirt, dust, and water. Moreover, it should be easy to clean and not slippery at all. While you need to consider the durability of the floor, try to include a few aesthetic elements as well, if you are planning to create a balance. 

Ideally speaking, mudroom designs need to be multi-purpose in custom homes. But a lot depends on the availability of space. Apart from being durable and storage-friendly, your mudroom design needs to have beautifully designed functional spaces that make your custom home truly customised. 

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