4 Steps to Install Air Conditioning System

You’ve reached the point where you as a homeowner realize that it’s time for an upgrade to your air conditioner. You’ve tried to fix your AC unit many times, even calling professional HVAC technicians. But nothing is working. So, you have to replace your AC unit. 

It can be overwhelming to consider all the costs involved in installing an air conditioner system. After you have chosen the air conditioning system for your home, it is important to schedule professional installation. That’s how you can make sure that you are getting the best output from your AC unit. For speed, convenience and safety, a professional HVAC specialist is the best choice for air conditioning installation. You have to choose the best services for AC Installation Mesa AZ to ensure your air conditioning unit is installed perfectly.

Evaluation and removal of your old system

It’s obvious to remove the old air conditioner before installing the new one. Your air conditioner installer will clean up the debris and protect the area. Your installer will usually handle disposal of the old air conditioner unit. 

After the removal of your old system, your air conditioner installer will conduct a thorough inspection of your existing cooling infrastructure. This is to check for any air duct leaks and other problems that may affect your new system’s performance. 

Installation of the New Air Conditioning System

After the old system is removed, your new air conditioner can be installed. This can be done with the help of professional services for AC repair Mesa AZ. All types of things from piping to electrical and ductwork connections are involved in your air conditioner and the connection. All electrical connections are checked during this process and the refrigerant will be added to the system according to manufacturer specifications. 

Installation and Inspection of your Thermostat

New air conditioners come standard with a new thermostat. Your installer will install the new thermostat during your same visit if you wish. You may prefer to keep your current thermostat. In this case, your installer will just check that the connection between your thermostat & your new air conditioner works properly. 

You can choose to have a separate thermostat system installed by your air conditioner installer. If not, you can request a service call for installation of your new thermostat. Before he leaves, your installer will ensure you are familiar with how to use the new thermostat. 

Final Check and Maintenance Suggestions

After the air conditioner is installed, your technician will inspect it. Your technician will go over basic maintenance tasks that you might be able do on your own and how often they should be done. You have the option to either schedule your first AC maintenance appointment or to wait until later. The HVAC contractor will inform you of the frequency of professional care and answer any questions before your installation is complete. You can contact the expert service provider of AC installation to get your work done.

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