Virginia Beach

Winter may seem like a boring season, but there’s no reason to be bored if you’re in Virginia Beach.  These are the top things to do and see once the chill sets in! 

Be Amazed While Whale Watching

Whale watching has become one of the top tourism intrigues for the winter!  People love coming out to watch these impossibly large animals move through the water, dive, hunt, and more.  There’s no way to make it clear just how large these creatures are unless you’ve seen them in person.

Check Out the Holiday Lights

Holiday lights are a fun piece of Virginia Beach history that will always brighten the coastlines!  Every winter, there are lights strung from light posts, houses, official buildings, and more that allow the entire city to glow.  This reflects out onto the water and makes the city feel even more alive.

Although this is done in December, you can still catch remnants of a few of the lights in January.

Enjoy Exploring the Awesome Museums

Virginia is one of the oldest states in the country, so it’s no mystery why it’s full of museums.  One of the best ways to enjoy a winter vacation in Virginia Beach is to get out of the cold and enjoy the warm and incredibly informative walkthroughs the many museums can offer.

Consider taking a headphone-only tour with your friends and family and exploring it alone while the other tourists walk by.  You can feel like you’re on a private walkthrough while still getting all of the information you want to take in. 

Get Warmed Up With Great Seafood

Nothing’s as good as hot crab soup after a long chilly day of looking at houses for rent in Virginia Beach!  Seafood is one of the best parts of living on the shoreline, and in the winter, you can enjoy the freshest crab soup, oyster chowder, and countless other unique seafood dishes that will heat you up from the inside out.  

These dishes are usually well-riced and affordable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to try something new and incredibly delicious.

Horseback Riding on the Sand

Horseback riding can always be exciting, but it’s even better when it feels like you have the beach to yourself!  In the winter, when there are far fewer tourists, you can go on a horseback riding trip across the sand without having to worry about the crowds.

This makes the trip so much more magical and can allow you to cut loose and have fun!  This isn’t too cold to do in the winter, especially since you’ll be on a very warm animal and dressed for riding! 

Virginia Beach Will Always Amaze You

Whether this is the first trip you’ve ever made to Virginia Beach, or you’re just looking for something fresh and fun to try while you’re in town, there’s always something fun to do here!  Consider checking out some of these amazing ideas while you’re in town!

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