It’s probably the mistake of the year to say that enterprise UX is difficult. And, over through the past, we at Code Craft Crew as the best UI UX Design Agency in USA

 have had the opportunity to work on a variety of UI and UX design issues in our projects. While corporate systems are complicated, mission-critical juggernauts, human wants and demands are at the heart of them.

With its various ups and downs throughout sectors, the last year has presented several design problems for all the ux designing agency in USA. We worked on some unique UX problems that put us to the test, from allowing hospitals and healthcare practitioners to safely connect in moments of need to provide a more approachable way to visualise healthcare data.

What is Enterprise User Experience Design?

Enterprise UX design, as distinct from consumer UX design, comprises design for individuals at work, i.e. experts. In more concrete terms, enterprise UX applications are sophisticated b2b solutions for major businesses.

Here’s a look back at the most interesting UX challenges we tackled in 2021.

2021’s Top User Experience Challenges That We Conquered

Challenge 1:  There was a dated/legacy system with UI inconsistencies.

Complex corporate software solutions are built to accommodate adaptations, which is true. This is to ensure that certain procedures may be integrated into the system in accordance with business requirements.

However, in the long run, the fact that each of these solutions is unique and without any sort of consistency causes usability concerns. As a consequence, a complex environment emerges, with layers upon layers of infrastructure upgrades made up of out-of-date components.

Understanding and streamlining workflows to minimize multiple phases and overlapping contacts were part of the solution.

Out across the system, standardising the overall experience (UX) and visual components (UI).

With a single design system, this legacy product might see a positive change in its design-development duration, as well as reduce design and technical debt and code repetition. It also provides long-term scalability and minimal maintenance expenses.

Challenge 2: Fragmented service over various touchpoints producing friction in the end-user experience

Customer journeys encompass a wide range of events that occur before, through, and after a customer’s interaction with a product or service. Enterprise user journeys, in particular, can be extensive and meandering, spanning multiple channels and touchpoints and spanning numerous weeks.

Though most service interactions were favourable in individually, the underlying issues were left ignored, resulting in a negative overall customer experience. A segregated concentration on touchpoints implies that the customer’s end-to-end experience receives little to no consideration. To deliver meaningful experiences, a full examination of the user journey from beginning to end is required.

Challenge 3: Innovations in the display of healthcare data visualisations 

In healthcare, data-driven decision-making is critical. The UX design community and providers of the best UI UX Design services in USA are always on the lookout for new methods to present information and make it as easy to absorb as possible for users. In addition, the healthcare industry is attempting to adjust to the digital age by pursuing data visualisation approaches that are seamless.

People with visual impairments encounter a variety of challenges when it comes to obtaining and evaluating information from a variety of commonplace workplace sources, such as the internet, papers, presentations, images, maps, charts, and diagrams.

With this in mind, we looked into Ul choices for presenting the data and how it can be chance to extend enough just to suit users of various skill levels. We created a few alternatives, as well as several variants, and put them to trial with customers to see how well the new solution worked.

The accessible design increases overall user pleasure and experience, particularly in a variety of contexts, across many devices, and for older and disabled people. It promotes innovation by resolving unexpected issues, enhancing the company’s brand value, and expanding its market reach.

Challenge 4 – Ensuring that healthcare providers and patients can communicate safely and securely over the internet.

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted a required separation of providers and their patients, resulting in a scramble for both structured and unorganised telemedicine solutions. This, however, caused issues for clinicians who had to switch between different web platforms to conduct consultations. It also raised major concerns regarding the safety of patients and the quality of care provided.

Throughout this period, the US Department of Health and Human Services revealed ground-breaking measures to increase Americans’ direct exposure to telehealth services throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, along with enlarged Medicare coverage for telehealth trips and the waiver of prospective HIPAA penalties for emergency telehealth usages.

Including over 95% of hospitals in the United States using a certified EHR platform, this was a critical consideration in selecting a suitable solution. Our aim was to combine features of patient care – safety, efficacy, patient-centeredness, communication, education, timeliness, efficiency, and equity – into a single, strong system by incorporating telehealth into the EHR.

In a short period of time, we utilized the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) design methodology to produce a viable, basic solution.

The Bottom Line

Sure, enterprise UX is fraught with difficulties, but that is precisely what makes it worthwhile to pursue. As we begin the new year, we’re excited to take on larger, more complicated UX issues to guarantee that corporate products get the attention they deserve. 

Do you have a one-of-a-kind problem to solve with your own corporate app? Make contact with Code Craft Crew, one of the top UX Designers in USA to discuss potential ideas and solutions.

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